Business characteristics

Various experiences and proven technology


Propose optimum product and service to the customer’s environment

We are providing professional CAD IT service to representative shipyard and special ship business field in Korea, and we provide optimum products and services for customer’s environment based on the technology acquired through close customer support.


Provide total CAD IT service from establishment and development to operation

We provide total CAD IT service through targeted practical support regarding various issues that are difficult to solve only with guidelines through professional CAD IT workforce retaining field experience in shipbuilding and special ship.


Provide professional CAD IT service through verified consulting experience and original technology (patents)

We are striving to develop products for retention of library standard DB of international standard products, standardization of various processes, and maximization of productivity through continuous government R&D and the company’s research and development, and we are endeavoring for customer satisfaction through this.

Best Practice

Construction Case

Plate & Profile International Standard Product Library
Outfitting Equipment Template Library


PR Center



We recruit talented people who intend to grow as the best CAD IT professional together with us.


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